About the RECOOP HST Association


In 2006 Cedars–Sinai Medical Center (CSMC) with eleven CEE universities and academic organizations from six countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine) formed the Regional Cooperation for Health, Science and Technology (RECOOP HST) Consortium.

RECOOP HST Consortium seeks to create a Strategic Alliance among its’ partner organizations. The Alliance is grounded in the high quality scientific output of the individual Partners as measured by the number of peer-reviewed journal articles, the impact factors and the citation indices. The purpose of the Alliance is to increase the research capacity of the Consortium Partners, enable expanded biomedical research and provide a means of introducing new sciences to the market.

The present

The Consortium is building Multidisciplinary Research Networks to enhance the competitiveness of the participating academic organizations and attracting sponsored research.

In 2012 CSMC converted the Consortium into the Association for Regional Cooperation in the Fields of Health, Science and Technology is registered by the Court of Debrecen in Hungary under the registry number 4160 on May 10, 2012, TAX ID: 18299140-1-09.

Members of the Association composed from 9 countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic, Ukraine and USA) with 16 higher education or research organizations.

Our goals

The RECOOP HST Association’s main goal is to enhance research collaboration and provide platforms for scientific networking in life sciences within the Central - Eastern European and Western Balkan Countries. The research priorities of the Association is women's and child’s health, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurological disorders and cancer in the Visegrad Four European Macro-Region (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and the neighboring countries (Belarus, Croatia, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, and Ukraine). The Association paves the way toward GLOBAL Research Programs of the US Government, the National Institutes of Health, USA, the World Health Organization and private foundations like Gates and Clinton.

RECOOP Community Activity Report (Közhasznúsági Jelentés)

The RECOOP Community Activity Report can be downloaded by clicking below. Due to technical reasons and legal requirements, the report is available only in Hungarian.

RECOOP Community Activity Report 2014 (Közhasznúsági jelentés 2014)

RECOOP Community Activity Report 2015 (Közhasznúsági jelentés 2015)